Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long have you been Seattle Newborn Photographers?

A: We started this crazy/awesome venture in Feb 2011.

Q: Why should I hire a profession Seattle Newborn Photographer?

A: Experience.  It’s beside the point that Jackie is a mother of 2 and is a natural with babies, but she has taken the last 4 .5 years learning how to keep baby sleepy & calm for several hours of posing and photographing them in the cutest poses you see in Shih Photography‘s portfolio.  Jackie has mentored with 2 of the best newborn photographers in the U.S. to become the Seattle Newborn Photographer she is today.

Q: Who photographs the babies anyway? Doug or Jackie?

A: As we have grown, Jackie has turned this business into her baby. Jackie primarily does the maternity and newborn photography sessions solo, but will ask for Doug’s assistance with some of the more challenging shots that need a spotter, etc. for newborn safety. They work together on the 6 month and 1 year sessions, since these babies are a little more wobbly and need a spotter at all times. Shih Photography by Doug and Jackie Seattle Newborn Photographers have really found their groove as a team and are both very passionate about your baby’s photos!

Q: Where are you located or do you travel?

A: We have an in-home studio on Mercer Island, we do not travel for sessions at this time. Our in-home studio is actually separated from our actual home (it’s a stand alone apartment) and is very comfortable for our clients, especially for a newborn session.  Many of our clients are able to rest and nap while I photograph their sweet babies!   It has a comfortable couch, a full kitchen & TV with cable, as well as WIFI access. I have snacks and water for our clients, or as a bribe for those older babies if we need some extra help cooperating!

Q: Do you photograph families & older children or just babies?

A: Right now we are focusing on the 1st year of life milestones only. Depending on the package you purchase we are able to work in-studio family photos into your session.

Q: How far in advance do I need to schedule our photography sessions with you?

A: This truly varies, as some times tend to be busier than other times of the year. However, it seems if you are interested in any sessions during the spring & summer months, this can be our busiest time and when we are not able to accommodate all requests – so as early as you can book us (several months) the better luck you will have in getting an appointment scheduled. For maternity/newborn joint sessions, contact us during your 2nd trimester to insure we can accommodate both session requests.

Q: How & when do we make a payment?

A: Please check out our pricing link under the details tab for the specific pricing information.  The full Session Fee is due in order to book your photography session with us, we accept check or paypal/credit card payments.  The session fee secures the appointment in our calendar.   The minimum order amount (or package #1) is due the day of your session via cash or check, or we can accept a paypal payment PRIOR to your session day.  If you would like to upgrade to package #3 (see our pricing tab for details) the day of your session you do receive a $50 discount that day only, let us know if you are interested in that option.  We will not share any sneak peeks or release the online gallery for viewing your proofs until all payments have been made.

Q: At what age are the newborns that you photograph?

A: We really find the best luck with photographing newborns between 7 to 12 days old. They are the sleepiest for posing at this time and haven’t started developing baby acne quite yet.

Q: What if my baby comes early or is late, how do we set up an appointment when we don’t know when they will actually be born?

A: I book you based on your due date (after the session fee has been paid), I put your due date in my schedule and then ask that you contact me 24/48 hours after baby is born, so we can get an appointment on the calendar 7 to 10 days after that. I email you several times through out the process with reminders, etc… so hopefully, even though its a busy time and you are exhausted you don’t forget to contact me!

Q: What do I need to bring for our Seattle Newborn Photography session?

A: Your newborn baby! Really not much more, I have diapers and wipes here that I use. I have so many props we can preplan to use for you as well! I also will send you information for the day of your session that will go over all of this information and what to expect once you arrive.

Q: Do I need to bring newborn props, or do you have some?

A: I have closets full of props – hats, pants, rompers, headbands, wraps, etc for your newborn session. If you have seen something in my portfolio you specifically want/need me to use, just ask. When you book with us, you get our extensive prop collection!

Q: How do you keep the newborns asleep for photos while still posing them?

A: We have many tips and tricks up our sleeves (a very warm room, etc), but honestly the most important thing is a very well fed (milk wasted) baby. While you are here we may cluster feed a bit, just to help them stay asleep, this is why I suggest we use a bottle at the session so Mom is able to relax a little while I’m working. Please note, that all babies are different and personality does factor into a babies willingness to pose for us. I try my hardest to get all the poses, but there are some I have to skip and sometimes we have to give up if baby is being uncooperative. Luckily this only happens once or twice a year!

Q: If we are doing family photo’s during a Seattle Newborn Photography session what do you suggest we wear? And do we need more than 1 outfit?

A: I suggest you wear basic colors, with little patterns or logo to them. You can never go wrong with white, black, navy, grey pallet. We want the focus to be on your newborn baby and not your attire…. I do not have you change outfits during the seattle newborn photography session.

Q: What do we wear/bring for a maternity session?

A : My maternity gown collection grows, but it is always good to bring 1-3 of your own outfit changes. After you book with us, I plan some of these out before your session so I know what to expect once you arrive. I also ask that you bring a pair of baby shoes, and the maternity gowns do require nude, white or black lacey/boy short underwear. If you are one of the lucky ones (I wasn’t) I also love you to bring your non-pregnancy jeans to wear in photo’s, if they do fit.  Husbands should bring shirt changes that go with the outfits your bring to wear, I always suggest shirts that are white, black, grey, or navy for the Dad’s to be!

Q: When can we expect to see our edited photos?

A: Your completed online gallery will be finished within 2 weeks of your session. Please note that this is subject to change and I will notify you at your session what my current TAT is, sometimes it’s even shorter than 2 weeks.

Q: Why does the sneak peek on FB say **Clients feel free to tag yourself in this photo**?

A: When you tag yourself in our photo’s you can easily share them with your family and friends!!

Q: If I find a photo on Pinterest & send it to you can you duplicate it?

A: While it always helps us to get to know you before you arrive and what type of photo’s you would like to see from our session, my disclaimer is that every photographer has their own style, studio & lighting set up. It is impossible to copy a photo that you may find on Pinterest or elsewhere from another photographer. We can try to capture the same idea as the photo as long as it fits with in our own style, but can not guarantee that it will come out the same as the photo you share with us for inspiration. We hope that you look at our portfolio, see our style and want that for your photos, and that is why you are booking with us.

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