Seattle Baby Photography | Ms. Bianca

Seattle Baby Photography | Ms. Bianca

Bianca has been SUCH a pleasure to watch grow!  Her newborn, 6 month & 1 year sessions all rank very high on my favorite of all time photos in our portfolio.  Her Momma planned the outfits, props and head pieces for the 6 month and 1 year session SO far in advance – like after the 6 month session she was already planning the 1 year about a week later!  Loved it!!!  And on top of that Bianca is the cutest little thing, she started out a beautiful baby, was teeny tiny at her 6 month shoot and all of a sudden at 1 year, look at how tall she is!!!  I even can see her as a teenager, sassy and lovely  all at the same time!

Momma brought in all of the below fun props, including the chair (I need to find one)…  she had a clear vision about the bright colors, etc and it turned out wonderful!!  Big thank you to her for her hard work and planning!!! Look at those salt water sandals….  brings me back to my childhood!


Love the candid below of Ms Bianca’s ruffle butt, it’s one of my favorite shots from the entire shoot.  We love photographing Seattle Baby Photography for all of our lovely clients and their babies.  It’s our passion to get such amazing photo’s, whether your a planner like Bianca’s mom or not!!


Now on to the cake…. what a gorgeous cake Momma picked up!  Again the colors, the banner, and that sparkle candle – I DIE!!!!


Could she be any cuter????  Check out this Seattle Baby Photography!!


And then she smiled, and all was right with the world….  LOVE her, will miss her much and our 6 month sessions!




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Doug and Jackie Shih are a married couple that fell in love with photographing our own 2 crazy children so much that we started our own Seattle area infant photography company. Our passion is capturing precocious moments in the first year of your child's life, so that you can cherish those memories forever. We believe that nothing can replace endearing photography of your baby, and that we can help create a treasure for every parent we work with.

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